Crazy Chemworks

Lab Works
Try your hand as a real Mad Scientist in this whirlwind program on how a lab works! Learn to manipulate laboratory equipment at your personal lab bench, and face an egg-citing power pipetting challenge! Take home your very own Scientific Cylinder™ to continue your research!

pH Factor
Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases! Explore the extremes of pH with your Reaction Tube™ in what is sure to be a stopper-popping experience! Discover whether liquids found in your home are acids or bases using your personal Fantastic pH Paper™!

Slime Time
Ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around! Create slime using the Mad Science recipe, and then enter your creation in the Slime Olympics! Take home your own concoction of Mad Science Slime™!

Dry Ice Capades
Manipulate matter in all of its three states! Freeze water with just a breath of dry ice! Use your Thermocolor Cup™ to test the temperature of liquid matter in your home!

Super Sticky Stuff
Stick to the walls, and push the power of tape to the limits in this adhesive hour on things that cling! Build a bond with glue and get attached to your Icky Creature Beaker! Every child goes home with a new friend! (aka Professor Beaker-dude!)

Hop on the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience! Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on reactions that go like mad! Pick up an Action Flask and perform some snappy chemistry experiments at home!