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Get to know the instructors of Mad Science of Sacramento Valley.

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Our Team

Our amazing team of Mad Scientists dazzle children with their outgoing personalities that bring our science programs to life! Every member of our staff is focused on creating unforgettable experiences for each and every child; helping us spark imaginative learning throughout the Sacramento region.

Each one of our Mad Scientists has experience working with preschool or elementary-level children. They have excellent presentation and classroom management skills, and they have all undergone an extensive background check.

Our Mad Scientists

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Dr Proton

Wired for lab leadership and tuned to kid frequencies, Dr P has been swimming with the sciences for half a century. Kids and parents everywhere charge their science batteries with Dr P.

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Dr. Velocity

A rapid-writer, she has published 2 scientific research papers regarding the parasitic relationship between the spined stickleback and the California floater mussel. She is a golf enthusiast (plays really fast!) and has wanted to be a doctor since she was 3 years old.

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Dr. Humerus

Both left handed and an Eagle Scout, he won his middle school’s Science Fair in both 7th & 8th grade for making a hovercraft and trebuchet. He is hypnotically fixated on the color blue and loves lasagna! (Wait. Blue Lasagna? Yikes!)

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Dr. Mantis

Raised by insects herself, Dr. Mantis enjoys raising moths and praying mantises. She also has 2 pet snakes named Zaltan and Reggie. She can say the alphabet backwards in under 5 seconds!! She is a hula-hoop master!

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Dr. Axion

Starting life as a moon child (she always thought humans lived on the moon), Dr. Axion has a cat that fetches, confusing her other cat into thinking it has gone to the dark (dog) side! Regarding her hair, yes, it is in fact, real! She is a natural science enthusiast with DNA programmed for true comedy.

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Dr. Amethyst

Emerging from a real archeological dig, she was a Jr. Mad Scientist when she was a child. Fascinated and love-struck by the color purple, she is also a (purple?) polished 1st grade teacher!

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Prof. Positron

Master roboteer with years of experience attempting to create a robot army! But the robots always get adopted. Certified fastest spinner in the company, capable of creating dozens of cotton candy blobs in mere minutes. Baby Ruth and Dr. Pepper can often be found travelling with him, though they prefer to stay hidden in his lunchbox!

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Dr. Electron

Obsessed with weird abnormalities of the human body because they remind her of X-MEN! She loves the inherent instability of electricity and all other unstable objects and forces…as well as the colors they display. Hmmmm…Did we really hire this person?

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Dr. Dizzy

Undeterred from being rotationally challenged, she has a (live) pet alligator and a piranha. She spent her first year of infancy living in a forest (Frazier Park). And keeping her life from spinning out of control is a robot living (?) in her front yard!

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