Our Online Mad Lab Programs


Online Mad Lab A

Electricity! Chemistry! Aeronautics! Oh My! Add water and some lab equipment training and you’ve got a super sciency celebration of hands-on science fun! You’ll get more ideas to try later than you’ll have time this summer to explore! Classes: Watts Up!, Che-Mystery, Fantastic Flyers, Wacky Water, Lab Works, Chem in a Flash.


Online Mad Lab B

Extreme science and extreme environments will teach us so much about the world and universe beyond! Get ready to have your mind blown with astronomical observations, chemiluminescence, and some of the coolest science ever! Classes: Glow Show, Dry Ice-Capades, Space Travel, Atmosphere & Beyond, Harnessing Heat, Tantalizing Taste.


Online Mad Lab C

Science. Is. Everywhere. The energy you absorb will give you energy to experiment, apply your insights and drive more experimentation, yielding breakthroughs in learning and even more excitement for science! You’ll master machines, magic and…uh...SLIME!!!, among other important things. :) Classes: Mad Machines, Energy Burst, Earth Works, Detective Science, Science of Magic, Slime Time.

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