Our Party Themes


Air Blast

Air pressure, polymers and chemical reactions! Help our tiny "volunteer" solve his enormous problem using science! See cool chemistry eat an impossible lunch! Fire vortices at your friends! See what crazy things polymers can do and be a part of a grand experiment with a "prehistoric" beast! Pick your color and mix your chemicals to create Mad Science Putty to take home. (ages 5-8)


Electric Light Madness

Get fooled by chemical reactions, thrill to the Amazing Dill, zap lighning into a mini forest and celebrate with indoor fireworks! Catch a thief with glow science and stir chemicals to create your own Glow-Slime to take home. (ages 7-12) (Requires a darkened room.)


Galactic Adventure

Go beyond Earth toward the Sun, dodge black holes and experience the weird atmosphere of an alien planet. Aliens? Turn on your ET detector and see who's visiting Earth to crash your party. Experiment with weird alien science, learn some extra-terrestrial tricks and launch a rocket. Make alien slime to take home. (ages 6-12) (Requires a darkened room)



Gases, chemical reactions, things that go pop & fizz. Chemicals alter reality right before your eyes! Witness strange phenomena with water and fuels! Go "camping" and shock your senses! Use the power of science to preserve life as we know it! Create gases! Marvel at (minor) explosions! Mix colored chemicals in your own design to make a Mad Science Bouncy Ball to take home! (ages 8-12)


Wizards and Potions

See the "mystical" science behind magic tricks. Ooo and ahhhh at an indoor fireworks display! Solve the mysteries of electricity and chemical illumination! See amazing chemistry as it gobbles up messes! Combine special ingredients to make your own Troll Boogers to take home! (ages 7-12) (Requires a darkened room)



Leapin' Lizards! Go WAAAAY back in time with your friends to imagine and experience what it might have been like to live with dinosaurs and even BE one! You'll make and take home a TAR PIT, consider what they eat (you?), and even try to survive a treacherous ancient world without cell phones! Ahhhhh! Dinosaurs are so amazing! And their clothes must be really big too! (ages 5-7)


Spooky Science

Be chilled and thrilled with a Mad Science Halloween show! Help Count Eggbert and Countess Eggberta in their Halloween adventures! Witness devilish flame and spooky air pressure demonstrations that make even the scariest goblins say, “Oh My!”. Help our Mad Scientist melt a witch and make her final visit to a cemetery! Everyone gets spooked and takes home their own Pumpkin Slime! (ages 5-12)


Winter Wonders

Our trained Mad Scientist brings friends “Santa Eggbert”, “De-Frosty the Snowman”, and a wacky mix of magical and enchanting demonstrations and hands-on experiments, performed in the spirit of the holiday season! Every child participates and makes their own Holiday Slime to take home! (Great for classroom parties too!) (ages 5-12)


Custom Party Themes

Got a different party theme? Would you like Mad Science to wow your crowd with a show customized for your theme? Give us a call and see if we've already done a party like yours. We have lots of experiments and some pretty creative talent waiting in the wings! (Additional program preparation charges will apply)


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