Our Show and Assembly Themes


Up, Up and Away!

This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of air and pressure. Children see an incredible exothermic reaction take place and even get the chance to watch a hovercraft in action!


Fire and Ice

This spectacular show thrills audiences with impressive science experiments. The event includes foggy dry ice storms and demonstrates how giant beach balls can float in the air. Students are amazed by sizzling, shivering scissors and special bubbly showers!


Sounds Like Science

Kids get tuned into learning with exciting demonstrations and experiments, including the surprisingly loud dinosaur-in-a-can, the glowing electric pickle, and a kid-created thunderstorm!


Spin, Pop, Boom

The audience is amazed when the Mad Scientist defies gravity in this energetic and spectacular special event. The children are enthralled by the exotic sounds of the didgeridoo tubes. An explosion of foam ends this event and leave the audience wanting more!


Seasonal Show Adaptions

Pick a seasonal holiday and we have a show tailored to its theme. From Spooky Science to Winter Wonders, just call us to customize one for you!


What Do We Know About H2O

This program is a high-energy, interactive show that highlights one of the most valuable resources we need - water! Children will make a splash as they dive in and learn about the amazing elements of the water cycle. With a flood of demonstrations and visual experiments, they will investigate the importance of water conservation and the hidden uses of water.


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