Our Grades 3-6 Workshop Themes


Playing with Polymers

Students discover the chemical and physical properties of plastics. They explore the plethora of physics principles that play a role in our daily lives.


Exploring Ecosystems

Students investigate the interconnections present in nature. They build ecosystem models, explore the elements of energy webs, reflect on how humans impact ecosystems, and use field journals for everyday explorations, and more.



This workshop provides students with an introduction to photosynthesis, including an understanding of the chemical processes at work in plants, plant respiration, and the role of plants in food webs.


Matter of Fact

Students explore molecules and the forces that hold atoms together. They see the dramatic differences between physical and chemical changes, as they mix up a batch of their very own Mad Science Putty to take home.


Good Vibrations

Kids investigate the science of sound in this hands-on introduction to the basics of vibration, frequency, and pitch. They discover how instruments use vibration to make music and are amazed as they hear bells ring through their fingers.



Students excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Mischievous Magnets

What makes some metal magnetic? What shapes do magnetic fields invisibly form around different-shaped magnets? Can compasses really help you find your way? Kids discover the answers to these questions and many more.



Who gave us Morse code? How about earmuffs or the light bulb? Children are guided from observation through experimentation on their journey to becoming a great inventor.


Mineral Mania

Students recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. They experience the thrill of panning for gems; the gems they find, they can take home for further study and investigation.


Black and Blue Oceans

Students devise and test techniques to handle the aftermath of an oil spill, in an oil spill simulation, and discuss how to clean up and prevent the pollution that plagues our oceans.


Turn Up the Volume

Students are introduced to the scientific process involved in the measurement of volume, through a series of activities and experiments. They fill-up on the physics of liquids and practice techniques fit for a lab tech!



Children get engrossed in entomology! They find out that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close.

Inner Workings

Students explore basic human anatomy in the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. Learn about the incredible length of the digestive tract and the double pump action of the heart, its chambers and valves.



Students are introduced to the components of cells and their functions. Hands-on experiments and modeling will open their minds to the amazing complexity in the millions of cells in their own bodies.

The Dirt on Garbage

This workshop is an introduction to improving the state of the environment through waste reduction by exploring the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle. Hands-on activities and interactive demon- strations will illustrate to students their role in improving the state of the planet.


This is an enrichment workshop for middle school students, and is designed to give them a head start on high school biology curriculum. This workshop introduces students to the basic concepts of molecular genetics. They will learn about the structure of DNA, and will perform DNA isolation and precipitation.


Water and Waves

Students will explore four facets of this fascinating substance: density, water as the universal solvent, water pollution and the dynamics of waves.



Introduce students to the basic principles of heredity. Learn about the inheritance of traits, dominance, genotypes and phenotypes. Put their critical think-ing skills to work when they ssemble creatures with unique phenotypes and genotypes.


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