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Themes & Details


Mad Science Special Events are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget or audience size.

Mad Science Special Events can be made up of any combination of Mad Science Shows, Hands-on Science Discovery Stations, and Make-n-Take Science Booths. They can occur during the day, in the evening or on weekends!

Mad Science Shows are spectacular science-themed presentations designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size. Children can marvel at foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, and hear roaring sound from a garbage can!

Hands-on Science Discovery Stations offer children a chance to experiment themselves and learn by doing science with the aid and encouragement of a dynamic Mad Scientist.  Activities include the Magnetic Bridge Challenge, Weird Science, Zap Attack, the Radioactive Containment Race, Current Events, and many more!

Make-n-Take Science Booths give children not only a chance to do the science but also to take it home!  Activities include Slime Making, Ballistic Bouncy Balls, Energy Burst, Optical Illusions, Magic Mud, and many more!

Mad Science Special Events are ideal for school assemblies, corporate events, science nights and community center programs. They can be customized to suit any size group, budget or time frame. From scouting banquets to library programs to corporate picnics, Mad Science offers a unique way to entertain an audience and engage young scientific minds!

Choose from our most popular shows:

Up, Up and Away! – (45 or 60 min) This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of gases and pressure. Blast into the world of air pressure, aerodynamics, and physics in this exciting show. Inflate a giant airbag with one breath, see a real hovercraft in action, and shoot toilet paper 50 feet into the air while learning about principles of gases in our every day lives. This show is guaranteed to wow and excite all ages!!

Fire and Ice – (45 or 60 min) Children will be dazzled by the impressive science demonstrations in this spectacular show! From foggy dry ice storms and the whoosh of a fiery jet “engine” to a Mad Science burp-flavored potion, audiences will be amazed by what they see, hear, and ugh… taste! Ever see scissors sizzle and shiver? Ever taken a bubble shower? Here’s your chance!

Spin, Pop Boom – (45 or 60 min) Enter the Mad Science lab and experience the elements of chemistry while seeing amazing experiments in action. They'll watch the Mad Scientist change water to juice, test out a flaming didgeridoo, and create an explosive foam factory, all while learning about acids & bases, exothermic reactions, and basic chemistry!

Sounds Like Science – (45 or 60 min) Children will get excited about science with a focus on the science of sound! They will get tuned-in to learning with exciting demonstrations and experiments including the surprisingly loud Dinosaur-in-a-Can, the glowing Electric Pickle, and a kid-created Thunder Storm! This Special Event can be performed indoors in school gyms, at summer camps, or any venue with a large group of children to entertain and amaze!

  What Do We Know About H2O – (45 or 60 min) This program is a high-energy, interactive show that highlights one of the most valuable resources we need - water! Children will make a splash as they dive in and learn about the amazing elements of the water cycle. With a flood of demonstrations and visual experiments, they will investigate the importance of water conservation and the hidden uses of water.

Be Tobacco Free – (45 or 60 min) An exciting, educational, and entertaining approach to help children make healthy choices about using tobacco products. A high energy, fast-paced demonstration for large groups of children grades K-6 that graphically shows tobacco's effects. Volunteers will learn about the toxic chemicals contained in tobacco products and witness first-hand, the unpleasant, and unhealthy aspects of tobacco use.


Check out these other eye-popping shows:

Destination: Moon! – (45 or 60 min) 3...2...1...BLAST OFF!! Launch into high-flying adventure this summer with Mad Science's "Destination:Moon!" celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Our show ignites imagination, fun and learning as we experience space vacuums, principles of flight and even astronaut training! 

Blown Away – (30 min) You've never seen so many weird, flying things...that shouldn't fly! The amazing power of the air can surprise your senses - and tickle your funny bone! From floating balls to "flying" vehicles to 50-foot streamers of toilet paper, you'll wish you brought a glove big enough to catch it all! 

Feel the Pressure – (30 min) Air pressure, that is! See awesome demonstrations of what the humble air molecule can do. Crush bottles with 500 year old inventions, get a birds-eye-view by turning up the heat, and watch your friends get blasted with prehistoric phlegm! Pay attention and you might learn just how much pressure you can handle...before you turn into a pancake!

Fire Power – (30 min) Don't play with fire! But it is ok to watch us experiment with it! Learn the fundamentals of fire for your protection and see just how easy it is to get fooled. Even your own room can be a fire hazard! Don't try any of this at home but be sure to bring your camera to shade your eyes from the jet blasts and fireballs. 

Frozen Solid – (30 min) Would you like to see your friends freeze? Well now's your chance to see sub-zero substances in action! We'll go waaay beyond the "snows of Sacramento" and help you experience what true Arctic cold is like. We'll make frigid metal cry out in agony, release explosive expansions of matter, and then spread the chilled lather of scientific good will amongst and upon our brave and unwitting volunteers! 

Know H2O – (30 min) Join us as we explore how wacky, wonderful, and incredibly important is the fluid that lubricates our lives and our world! See rainbows reveal the science of light. Watch rainfall runoff overwhelm our volunteer. Get a grip on the vast volumes of water that we can't use and see just how little there is left for us to survive. Even if you don't get wet, you'll be soaked in water appreciation and your water habits will never be the same!

Spooky Science – (30, 45 or 60 min) Take a spooky science sojourn in this spooktacular show! Our Mad Scientist and Count Eggbert will use science to defeat the Wicked Witch! They'll play tricks on her wretched-ness with flashes of fire, melt her will with cataclysmic chemical reactions, and banish her in a graveyard ceremony certain to seal her fate! You'll see that wickedness just can't win when science is on your side!

Spin, Pop, Pumpkin! – (30 or 45 min) Trumble into the Mad Science pumpkin patch and watch Professor Pumpkin's passionate pursuit of pumpkin truth using people-proven science!  Wince as he slithers into impossibly small spaces.  Gasp as he hurls his hulking pumpkin-ness over the falls of safety to an unknown fate.  Sink into your seat as he inflates himself to explosive size.  Your heart will melt as his evil twin is chemically crushed and the pumpkin world is saved from certain squashiness!  You'll be shocked, tickled til you cry - and when you get home, you'll hug your pumpkin like never before.

Winter Wonders – (30, 45 or 60 min) Celebrate the season with some unlikely science that helps "Santa Eggbert" save Christmas for Eggville! Preserve the joy of the holidays by chemically defrosting a snowman's Grinchy bad attitude!  Use the awesome power of expanding gases to "burp" the reindeer and clean up any "naughties" for a nice ride on Santa's scientific sleigh ride! There's more science in this season than you ever imagined! (For custom seasonal themes just call. We've got plenty more science that's just right for you!)

...Or call us at (916) 779-0390 for custom themes!

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